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(Left is Herbert John “Bert” Pitman.  Right is Lightoller!)
Herbert Pitman.  Herbert Pitman was the Third Officer on the Titanic and he felt and heard the collision, saying that it was like “coming to an anchor”.  Boxhall told him that they had hit an iceberg and the ship was taking in water and assisted with the lifeboats.
He helped Murdoch, who placed him in Lifeboat 5 and told him "Goodbye; good luck."   With that statement the man began to worry over whether the ship would really stay afloat or not.  Once he was in the water for an hour he realised it would not stay afloat.  He was the one to report "It’s 2.20," to the other lifeboat members after looking at his watch when the Titanic sank.
He could not stand the screams of those in the water and wanted to save them, yet when others protested out of fear of being swamped he decided not to go back, a decision that tormented him ever afterward.
Spoke out at various inquiries afterward.
  • 15 April 2012
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